Thursday, November 3, 2011


A new month and let's start with a jewel. There are those things in life that make you divide it in a before and after. Before you got married, after you got married, before you got a kid, after you got a kid, that sort of thing. I definitely would like to split my life up around a very significant moment. Before I learned about Carman and after I learned about Carman. He's an evangelical singer, entertainer and performer and he manages to make evangelicals feel ashamed of him. Yes that's right. Evangelicals... are shamed by him. That, in it's own right, is quite an achievement. But he does seem to have what it takes. It's sort of an evangelical version of Vanilla Ice. But that still doesn't do him justice. His videos are about as narcissistic as they are spectacular. He usually plays all the roles himself and he is unapologetically Christian, somehow mocking what tends to be fundamentalism while practicing it. Truly, an artist! His acting strongly reminds me of that of Will Ferrell only Carman does it without the slightest hint of irony. By now it should be clear that I am at a loss for words praising this God of a man. I'll include several videos that I had to watch a few times over in order to actually confirm that they indeed do exist.

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