Friday, November 4, 2011

Christian Art: Lars Justinen

I think it's time for some art. Today on the menu: Lars Justinen. There is some stuff out there that is good but that is either too small or all copyright-crossed out so I don't want to include it here, but do go out and seeketh the other pictures for they are great. The fruit bearing girl makes up for a lot though! Good to see where the Jesus emerging from the water came from too. I love it when I see that one as a desktop background in real life somewhere!



  1. Very nice art work..The history of Modern Art started with Impressionism and continued its revolution with time.

  2. The fruit bearing girl is my daughter, Hannah. She was just 12 years old or so at this point in time. We were living on the northern tip of Vancouver Island. She's 18 now and just got home from university where she is taking Animation. Yes, that painting puts a grin on my face, too. - Lars Justinen