Sunday, November 6, 2011

Brides of Christ


  1. i just dropped by and you've been at it kid! i seriously wanted to comment on each and every post but words failed me every time. what can be said, what is language, in the face of these visual marvels! i clap and hop and fall backwards off my seat; brides, toilet rolls, fruit baskets, the wax-figured lebanun and the barefooted bin ladens. "my name is jesus, i died on a cross for yoooooooooou". super!

  2. I love the above comment. Pat on your back. By the way- what sacrilege this post is!
    Also have you seen all the cartoons of Steve Jobs with Jesus?

  3. already, the bride female (= humans), the groom = jesus christ-male god ... better to imply that it was by God to be born male, but it was not by God born female, TOO.
    these images (and all the christian religion conceptual idea) are pure sexism.

    Thanks to Goddess, I'm Wiccan :)