Saturday, November 19, 2011

From My Own Backyard

So, to keep myself afloat during studies, I work at this kitschy postcard store in Amsterdam. Probably hardly a surprise and perhaps even more of an explanation of where I get some of my inspiration for this blog. Luckily, we also sell some reli-kitsch, be it not all that much (never enough!) and even more luckily, the owners of this store have a Catholic background! Enough said, I'd think. Currently however we don't have too many items bearing the seal of Christ, but we do have some nice notebooks. I'll leave it at that for this time but I'll probably display some of the wonderful fruits from my own garden some more sometime. They come and go. By the way, dear reader, I beg your forgiveness for the so-so quality of my pictures. They were hastily shot using a smartphone.

Since selling this stuff also pays my rent, whenever you find yourself in Amsterdam, do pop by!

Van de Kaart Shop
Leidsestraat 57
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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