Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stick With Jesus

Yes one thing led to another. Want to prove your love for Christ through the use of printed musical instruments but you're a drummer and not a guitarist? Have no fear! The Stick With Jesus drumsticks are here! And, as with the Pick Jesus picks, there are T-shirts in turn made of the Stick With Jesus drumsticks. Why-o-why? And more importantly: Why don't I have a pair yet! Or the shirt for that matter!

Black... Sticks... of Jesus!

Call me blasphemous (and by all means do!) but I can't help but imagine Jesus behind a drumset in a white robe with a pair of expensive sunglasses beating out the fill of a lifetime with His very own sticks, rocking away those cool long locks of hair of his and with a big smile on his face. You go Jesus!

1 comment:

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