Friday, July 29, 2011

Christian Graffiti

Somehow, graffiti and Christianity seem to be a logical match. There is a rebellious side to Christianity, inviting to speak out against injustice and corruption of mundane powers if they are thought to be contradicting divine law as it is revealed in the scriptures. In short, the idea that in the end you serve no king, only the King of kings. Graffiti seems to be if not rebellious in nature, then at least a favored tool in rebellion. Moreover, Christianity is a tradition that values both images and words, the very things that graffiti as an art form depends on. Christianity then might prove to be a rich resource. All of this would lead me to expect a natural alliance between the two, although probably a lot of Christians might dislike graffiti art, just as some graffiti artists are likely to dislike Christianity. At first glance, Christian graffiti does seem to exist, however I'm not sure yet if it is being practiced quite the way I expect it.

Indeed this seems to be a world on it's own. However, it surprises me that what I find most at first glance is graffiti that preaches the gospel itself on a popular level, instead of reminding believers of their own breaking of laws they hold dear. These are just first impressions upon looking into this subject, I will look into it more. While searching, I came across some practicing artists and blogs, that I'd like to include.

Gospel Graffiti Crew
Jesus Saves artist
Lovepusher artist
Christian Graffiti blog


  1. prαιѕe ɢod yoυr αrт ιѕ α вleѕѕιɴɢ ғroм тнe ѕĸy <3

  2. Dear

    We are students from Arteveldehogeschool at Ghent and for our thesis we make a blog about Jesus. Our goal is to make Jesus more interesting for young people by using art of Jesus. We found a picture of a piece of art on your website namely the graffiti drawing of Jesus: The Prince Of Peace. Our question now is: can we use this picture on our blog using a correct reference to your website?
    We thank you in advance.

    Kind Regards

    The Djeezes à la (c)ART(e) team