Friday, November 11, 2011

Tom Cruise's Scientology Video

Probably biologists and cultural analysts alike would agree with me that things can get pretty interesting if you isolate a culture and just let it develop, to lift the rock a little while later and be amazed with the completely unexpected and incredible result you find. Some of you might be thinking of Jersey Shore right now, I was thinking more of Tom Cruise. Probably Hollywood has an isolating effect on it's own. It is near impossible to just be amongst the people sometimes. Add to this religious zeal and what comes rolling out of the equation? Tom Cruise. This little film clip is just so very strange because, well, not because the things that Mr. Cruise is saying might be considered strange, but more because he absolutely seems to not realize the weirdness of what he's saying. It's a little while back that I saw this but it's just so strange. Also the length of it. And the total amateurishness. Seeing Mr. Top Gun / Mission Impossible / whatever other slick Hollywood blockbuster be in this far too long poorly edited bit with the Mission Impossible theme drilling on embarrassingly in the background is just not something you'd expect to see. I certainly was impressed by his presentation but probably not for the reasons he had in mind.

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