Saturday, August 20, 2011

Baby Jesus

Oh the glory you find when you look for Jesus! Especially when you look for baby Jesus on Google. Now from this universe I can only select a few planets, nay, stars! There are a lot of styles and moreover, a lot of illustrations are actually of Jesus and Mary, a different but no less marvelous story in pictures. I'll stick to to Jesus though. I love the more romantic illustrations, although the screwed up home made renditions of baby Jesus that even in His eternal love I can't imagine would be appreciated are just as fantastic too of course.

 Looks like baby Jesus had a Flintstones twitter account.

 Extra points for the hyperactive faux framing.

 This one reminds me of the art work of Anne Geddes.

 "I think my Dad is just fááábulous!"

 This looks like a job for... Burrito Jesus!

 And Burrito Jesus on a cake.

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