Monday, August 29, 2011

Pro-life Art: Gary B. Clark

The whole anti-abortion discussion is a bit alien to Europe. Even though of course we have our fringe groups of fanatics on both sides and the public debate pops up every now and then, it is not a presence like it is in the United States (and Canada?). I remember being in the United States with friends and being just baffled by all the road-side banners with pictures of innocent looking babies on them, accompanied by captions like "Would you destroy this!?" Frantically taking pictures of us next to them of course like you would with the members of a local tribe somewhere in Africa, feeling that we had stumbled on something truly exotic. Now the idea of pro-life is of course an ideal marriage partner for sentimental art. Life, innocence, defencelessness, potential, these are all ideas that the romantic dreams are made of. Gary B. Clark took a good crack at putting this to canvas it seems, managing to get in a little touch of Rosemary's Baby on the side.

 The Gift

 Double Blessing


 Never Alone

His Work

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  1. In case you were wondering, the painting called "Grasping" is a painting of a picture of Gary's brother David and David's child who was born very premature. It's not romanticized art, but true to life realism.