Thursday, August 4, 2011

LEGO Holy Buildings

Whohoow! This is the 100th entry! A three digit number, a rite of passage. I like the way this blog is going, I feel like it's finally started, the stats seem to look kindly on it, whatever that really means anyway. Some prophets say that things start to get interesting only when you hit 150, but this 100 things, I kinda like it, arbitrary as it might be. More importantly, I like the way the content is developing. Also, keep writing! I can never hear enough from people visiting these pages, whether they praise or condemn.

So to celebrate this, I wanted to write about something awesome. Now, granted, I have already written about the topic of LEGO meets religion, talking about Amy Hughes' Abston Church of Chirst, but that only scratched the surface. So here is a lot more awesomeness!

There is a blog devoted to holy buildings made of LEGO in which presence I humbly stand. Please do take a minute to visit GodBricks!

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  1. These are awesome, and a 100 posts. Wow you have been religiously blogging away!. And whoa- look at those stats man. Awesome!