Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Christian Bumper Stickers

While being in the United States, my friends and I would all have our jaw drop to the floor whenever we saw religious bumper stickers in all their lovely varieties. However, browsing for a few right now, it seems like it's hard not to find any that aren't political. I was hoping for some fish logos, some I <3 Jesus, some Christ Saved My Life stuff. But in stead most of them have a really nasty feel to them. Quite a lot seem to be more about bashing others than celebrating something. Is there such a thing as bumper sticker politics? Could it be that the car is considered to be a canvas on which to display your tribal militancy? Perhaps my knowledge of bumper sticker culture is lacking. Anyway, I'm not going to include them because of my no-politics aspiration, but I did want to point out that there seem to be more than one battle being fought on the back of a car. Might just explain the high rate of car accidents too!

I got these from the website Christ Apparel. One that I feel I must revisit!

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  1. "Proud To Be A Christian" the author and bearer of this message must really take Christ's teachings of humility to a new level.