Thursday, August 11, 2011

Judgment - The Movie

Lets talk about bad habits first. I found the trailer for this movie Judgment somehow, I made a not of it, but now that the day is here that I want to write about it, yes indeed, the day of Judgment, I can't remember the context of my find. Well, I'll just dig it up from scratch.
        First thing I want to notice is that Mr. T is in this movie. That already makes it a winner. "They want fire and brimstone? Then they gonna get it!" You tell 'em B.A.! Second cool thing is that at the end of the movie trailer they mention a website,, which doesn't work. Then again, this movie is from 2001 so I suppose that's forgivable.
        Looking it up on IMDB, the cover makes this movie look like the ones that are all piled up in one big incosolable box at the checkout counter of your local supplies store with a sign that reads "3 for 5 dollars!" This would actually be the one you lift out of that pile of misery for a few seconds because you go "oh hey look, this one has Mr. T in it!" only to quickly throw it back again when that surprise wears off and you realize that you're probably holding something unhygienic that must be banished back to the basket of ill hygiene from whence it came.
        On IMDB, the phrase to describe it is "The devil arrives on Earth to prove Jesus never existed." Good thing they mention that, because the trailer really doesn't tell you at all what this movie is about. It's about a trial, but it's not really clear about what. You do hear lovely lines like "I call to the stand... Jesus Christ." They throw some "imagine a world..." type intrigue lines around, but mystery is pretty much all you're getting. The acting is way over the top which makes it lovely. It looks like the acting from a Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker movie, but then without the irony. The production company is Cloud Ten, which is a "Christian-themed movie company and record label that is passionate about producing inspirational Christian film and music." I'm sure I'll run into them again some time.

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