Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Ever since facebook came into existence, or at least prominence, I've seen the parody faithbook. However parody isn't where it stops, it actually exists... several times over! Since Christians seem to make Christian alternatives for everything, why not for a social network? This is strange by the way, because why are all these Christian alternatives necessary? Perhaps it is understandable in the case of say movies, music and novels, but a social network? You can't just take a corner of the existing social networks and sanctify it? You really have to establish a whole alternative network yourself? Well I guess the church is an independen building too and not just a hired part of an office space building. Still it puzzles me a bit



http://www.faithbook.co.za/ ... dot za? Zuid Afrika?

http://faithbook.fowc.net/ This one looks particularly lame.

I believe the second one, the faithbook.tv, is the more popular one. There is also talk about a faithbook page started on facebook by Rabbi Shoshana Boyd Gelfand, "for interfaith dialogue" (see this page). I can't find this page anywhere though.

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