Wednesday, August 24, 2011

God's Girlz Toy Dolls

There is a line of toy dolls called God's Girlz, published by the company Kerusso, which seems actually to be more of an inspirational T-Shirt printing company. In fact, the girlz seem to be wearing miniature versions of their T-Shirt prints. Cunning, very cunning. I wonder what makes these girls religious though. They wear some Jesus shirt, yes, but that seems to be it really. Other than that they seem in style indistinguishable from you average Barbies and Bratz. What's the point of creating a Christian alternative if that supposed alternative isn't all that different from its secular counterparts? Tribal pride is a silly thing perhaps. Finally, when you look for God's Girlz, you will also run into something quite different, the alt porn website images. The fact that you'd find good clean and wholesome Christian toy dolls that are supposed to be an alternative to the secular slut dolls and simultaneously find all this alt porn happily juxtaposed of course is very funny.


  1. So what do you get YOUR daughters? I would much rather get a doll like this than the Bratz doll or even a Barbie. What Do YOU allow your girls to play with!? We cannot shield them from the world and then allow them to go out into the darkness. I think you are critiquing a little too much in this case. My daughter are so open to me teaching outward AND inward beauty. They are learning what it is to be spiritual while living in the physical world. I will be getting my girls these dolls over the others. as for the porn sites...Satan sure has a way of making things ugly...I doubt my girls will ever see those sites. I will pray for those who are stuck in that ugly twisted perversion of beauty.

  2. they don't want you too look that way they want too be your self they they want you too look like that way us false and now plus there not of Satan your faith is. So if you hate Satan that mush you shaped pray for you.

  3. there just as skinny and look as barbie the only diff is theres a fat one and soe or sexy not slut. Slut do sex and a proasut Barbies none.