Friday, December 23, 2011

Ronald Reagan's 1981 Christmas Speech

It fills me with joy to know that yesterday's post certainly did seem to stimulate the stomach with some readers. Some believe that erst kommt das Fressen, dan kommt die Moral, and since we seem to have das Fressen out of the way, let us now seek some moral inspiration for these the Christmas holidays. And where else to turn than to that president of presidents Mr. Ronald Reagan? Perhaps the climatic blend of theater, politics and religion - a mingling that according to for example R. Laurence Moore might date as far back as George Whitefield in the eighteenth century - Mr. Reagan was at the very least a fascinating figure. A fascist perhaps, yes, but still quite a fascinating one. Fascistinating if you will. Be your heart's feelings about the man as they may, let them all melt in this warm Christmas message that Mr. Reagan wishes to share with you!

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