Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Keep Christ Out Of X-Mas

Okay I tried to keep Christmas out of my head but it is of course very hard. I guess it's a bit late to the party but during the holly jolly days I did come across some stuff that did fascinate me that indeed had to do particularly with Christmas. It seems to be quite a political holiday you see. There are all sorts of interests involved. First of course and foremost we have the Christians themselves who care to point out that it is a day that has all to do with Christ and nothing to do with anything else. Then there are those who believe in the almighty dollar and say hey that Jesus guy was great but you know what is even better? Spending all your money on crap! These I would like to call those with a capitalist interest. But then there is a third category, the secularists. These guys play hardball during the Christmas time it seems, desiring to undo the sacred meaning it holds, making sure no religious symbolism seeps into the public sphere. I guess this includes time as well as space, since they take no shit and aim to keep the Christmas time a secular time. I am always surprised at the... how shall I call it... determination of the various American lobby groups. There might be a deranged protester or two out here on the street but over there... well, see for yourself.

Not too sure about how old or new the text is, the illustration strikes me as 1960s-ish. Anyone got a better date on this, please share.

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