Monday, December 5, 2011

Chocolate Cross

So tonight, here in the Netherlands, we have a celebration thing, the night of Sinterklaas, comparable to Christmas eve. Saint Nicholas sends his black slaves down the chimneys to give presents to the children who have been good. It's racist and it instills fear in the hearts of many children. True tradition! So as part of this we have these chocolate letters (letters as in the letters of the alphabet). Usually you get the first letter of your name at the night of Sinterklaas. More than one letter if you're rich, no letters at all if you're poor, crappy faux-chocolate carob letters if your parents are spiritual and oblivious, in which case it can be doubted if you're getting anything during this Catholic festivity night, leaving you be the laughing stock the next day at school when everybody got an abundance of goodies and you got zilch. Again, true Dutch tradition, that brings out the best in our nation. Anyway, I saw a chocolate character sign (the '&') fly by and I never really thought of any chocolate symbolic renditions beyond the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet. But then what symbol did come to my mind? Why the cross of course. Could there be? Of course there was!

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