Monday, December 19, 2011

Jesus Christ Eastpak

From my high-school days do I remember there were some people that had this particular Eastpak. Usually it was a bit tongue-in-cheek, sort of making fun of how eccentric it was by wearing it. Perhaps the high-school playground conversation would go somewhere along the lines of someone half-laughingly asking "oh so you're a Christian?" and the wearer of the backpack answering in just as half-laughingly a tone "oh yeah I'm a tótal Christian" after which everyone would nervously laugh their pubescent identity crises away. Lately I've seen it again, when on my way to the university I frequently see a girl that has this one. Somewhere deep down in my heart of hearts I sort of hope that she did not choose this particular Eastpak for it's kitschy, campy, tongue-in-cheek qualities, that she is even blissfully unaware of such qualities and motivations, and that she just really loves Jesus. I'd imagine her getting her books from her backpack in preparing to study and then putting the backpack in a spot where she can still see Jesus and she would smile at him kindly. I hope she is comforted by the thought that no matter what happens, Jesus got her back.


  1. you are too good. love reading ur post. i so want a ganesh got my back bags with a 3d trunk

  2. That Eastpak label so should have been in place of the chained heart. pff, missed opportunity.

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