Friday, December 16, 2011

Lakshmi Swimsuit

When talking to a friend from India, I asked how she felt about Buddha being positioned next to some oeh la la undies (that I talked about in this post). Blasphemous she thought, to be sure. She also cared to remark that the Indian population tended to look upon the West with utter bewilderment "when u made bikinis out of goddess pictures." To which my reply obviously was: "We did?!?" Oh indeed we did! The swimsuit was designed by Australian fashion designer Lisa Blue.



  1. Im totally impressed to be mentioned on your blog on post that has a cute ass. Yes- I do find it strange but I can see how the imagery is also empowering on a bathing suit. Hindu goddesses always embody power, strength, fertility, wealth, knowledge now put it on a sexy bikini- why not.

  2. oh dude, Mohammed (PBUH for all of you out there) was merely depicted in a comic and hell broke loose. Good on you India for welcoming free publicity of your gods.