Sunday, March 25, 2012

Atheist Stickers

Yesterday I was at a punk show in Belgium. Good stuff. Mohawks, loud music, a lot of shouting, singing and dancing, the works. One other thing that was also there was an anarcho punk merch table. They were selling a lot of stuff, promoting vegetarianism and saying that the state should be abolished, but what caught my eye were some anti-religion stickers.

It did make me think about the phenomenon of merchandise. This is somewhat my specialty. I always wonder why people buy and use merchandise. A lot of times it seems to me that it has to do with identity. You wear shirts, put stickers on everything and get a whole bunch of fridge magnets to let other people know who you (think you) are. Ironically, most of the time it doesn't matter what it says, as long as it says something. In the case of atheism arguably things even get weirder, because the identity construction revolves not around what you are, but what you aren't.

 I love the primitiveness of this one.


  1. Lol...the makers clearly haven't given God a chance or been to bethel Ashland church

  2. Cheap shots on trashy stickers at the God who created you. "He died for my grins?" Why do you mock the statement Jesus died for your SINS?

    1. I'm very sorry, but I've given god a chance, and he's failed time and time again. Almost like talking to the sky... And this "Jesus" fellow certainly didn't die for my sins - I personally think human sacrifice is a little outdated. Unless, of course, you think Jesus was somehow divine, then you also believe that the Jews killed him. If he existed, he was of course Jewish himself, but that matters little to the faithful, no? Again, more hatred and vitriol from religious faith.