Thursday, March 8, 2012

Aimee Semple McPherson

So lets talk about the fierce Sister McPherson. She was an active evangelist in the early twentieth century. She was an itinerant revival priest as they are called, roaming the world and preaching the gospel. Her services were quite something alright, hailing from the more expressive side of the Pentecostals, extravagant even for Evangelist norms. Tongues swinging, drunk on the love for the Lord, letting out some of that good old glossolalia. And of course bodies dropping to the floor everywhere and people getting up dancing, shouting and of course an occasional faint here and there. Du religion spectaculaire mesdammes et messieurs! Also, McPherson was a pioneering spirit in that she made use of the all-new mass-medium, the radio, to reach her audience everywhere. Her persona was an inspiration for a lot of fictional characters too, like for instance the preacher boy in the movie There Will Be Blood and I'm pretty sure she was a source of inspiration for the character of Sister Shara in the movie Elmer Gantry. Good movies by the way. But back to Aimee then. She was, in short, one hell of an entertainer, be it for the heavenly cause.

 Preach it Aimee!

 Screw the Batmobile. This Gospel Car is my kinda ride!

Drop it like it's hot!

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