Saturday, October 15, 2011

Precious Moments

So, the day has finally come on which I talk about Precious Moments. I think I read about this phenomenon first in the book Good Taste, Bad Taste and Christian Taste by Frank Burch Brown where he looks into this while contemplating kitsch. Gee I wonder why! There is more to say about this phenomenon than just showing a few figurines. There supposedly is a whole chapel decorated in the same "cute" style that applies to these figurines. Now there is also more than figurines to the Precious Moments enterprise but I still consider it to be the core of their business. I include the names of the figurines, they give it that extra mile. Oh come and worship!

 Come Let Us Adore Him
 Come Let Us Adore Him
 I Bring You Good News of Great Joy
 Immersed In God's Love
 Praise Him With the Sound of the Trumpet
Uphold His Name


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