Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dinosaurs Are Jesus' Ponies

So sometimes you come across religious expressions that are just too good to be true. My initial reaction is usually one of disbelief. No I don't mean that in a theological way. I usually think that it is a hoax, a spoof, satire. Sometimes, however, it isn't and reality indeed turns out to be stranger than fiction. Now sure, perhaps there are creationists who in their struggle to deal with evolution come up with stories about Jesus being buddy buddy with the dinos and make some pictures to illustrate their ideas. I still find this hard to believe. But oh how I want to believe! While I only keep finding pictures of this on the Internet and won't find a dinoriding Jesus children's book at my local Christian book store I'm keeping my doubts. However, authentic or fake, I do absolutely love the pictures!

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