Thursday, September 29, 2011


This man was always on the local Amsterdam TV network. It was quite fascinating stuff. I think I've heard him utter more silences than words. You just have to love his rhythm. "consciousneszzzz.... ... ... iszzzz... ... ... ... very........" If you ever want to sound mysterious, just milk the pauses, get everybody nervous feeling like they are falling into a pit until you get to your next word. Except for this rhetorical style, he just seems... like a psychopath. It was either this cult or mass murder. Or well, who knows what is yet to come? And why not combine, isn't that what our economy stimulates? Well, Mr. Chandra Mohan Jain might be a bit too late for that, he died in 1990. Whether he was a mystic or tax fraudeur extraordinaire, a remarkable man was he. Watching the footage of his teaching is like watching Bob Ross!

 He sort of looks like a mix between Santa Claus and Charles Manson.

The example is just a random one, there are many many clips to be found. Also, Osho foundation has a website but... it kinda sucks.

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