Friday, September 16, 2011

New Age Music

So every now and again you run into New Age music. I remember in the 1990s there was Oibibio here in Amsterdam, later Oininio, that aimed to be this big spiritual (shopping) center. Sort of a McSpirituality. It didn't last long. They had all types of "spiritual products" there, suited to the people who prided themselves in leading a spiritual (which was often just another word for expensive) lifestyle. They had all these New Age music CDs there (this was still in the era where CDs were the main musical medium), and they were great. They didn't mean anything. It was like, enormous words to describe nothing. Say about that what you want but it was by no means false advertising because that's exactly what the music was. Overproduced and yet unnoticeable. With a little bit of creativity one would be able to give that a mystical twist, although not really in the way that was meant probably. The artwork and titles of the CDs themselves though, are already quite enjoyable. Let me list just a random sample.

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