Friday, September 2, 2011

Islamic Comics: The 99

So I talked about Iznogoud, but that really was just a secular comic book series making use of Islamic symbols for its plot, and only slightly so. The 99 is a different story. It is explicitly Islamic and has Islamic superheroes. Yes that's right, Islamic superheroes! In an article of the New York Times, it is explained that the comic "features Islam-inspired characters, based on the 99 attributes of Allah, who discover magic stones that unleash powers like superhuman strength, ability to read minds, and to teleport. And, in true super-hero style, they use these powers to fight bad guys." (see article). Damn! That's a lot of attributes! A rich source of inspiration for the comic book series to use. The comic book looks very good and clearly a lot of effort has been put into getting it up to match the current comic book standards. It seems to have done so better than some of the Christian comic books too.

Here is the official website of the series:

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