Friday, January 20, 2012

Wisdom Tree Games

So, in a post about the Nintendo Entertainment System game Spiritual Warfare, I already touched upon the game development company Wisdom Tree. This company develops video games with a strong Christian message that aims to offer a religious alternative to the secular games. They have a hard time doing this though, where at best they seem to produce uninspired knock-off versions of classic games. This still puzzles me, for somewhere I'd expect the devoted religious armed with rich mythology and ruthless dedication to excel at it. Yet it stops short at the "here, we tried, like it or not" level. Partly perhaps because people might buy it anyway since "it's Christian!" This already might secure a public, making it easy to sell your product, no matter what that product is. Without the grinding competition of a larger marketplace then, products might not get polished into perfection. Game developers might reason somewhere along the lines of "nothing to worry about, so why bother?" Another problem might be estrangement. This Christian development company does not seem to look (closely) at what it is they are imitating, perhaps thereby severely underestimating the art and craft. Add to this a bit of cultural isolation, enough to assume that kids will enjoy being presented with bible excerpts when they are included in a fun quiz that is part of an "exciting" quest, and you have some great ingredients for epic failure.

So let the banquet commence! I only added a few Wisdom Tree games, since there are quite a lot out there. But these ones made me particularly happy.

I wonder what happens might he run into the Jews in Space.

There is more to say about the phenomenon of Bible Man, but more on that later.


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