Sunday, January 8, 2012

Anne Hutchinson

Life in the early English colonies on the American continent was tough. Because of nature giving the settlers a hard time, but the settlers were giving themselves an even harder time sticking to a hard-line Puritanism. Tongues being burnt, public shaming, it was a time as violent as it was religious one might say. And then up stood this rebel, Anne Hutchinson. Not a cultural rebel, oh no, a religious rebel, following instructions straight from God. She defied Puritan ethics on theological grounds and this must have been by no means an easy battle. She was put on trial, and this trial became infamous. Ever since she is looked up to as a woman of strength standing her ground in an almost Martin Luther like way. Standing proud in defiance of false theology, in defiance of the Devil's lies! A symbol of independence, strength and purity. Yes you can feel the twist coming, a romantic personification of ideas, making her a choice tool to depict them with.

Oh hey and what do you know, she was brutally murdered by Native Americans because the Dutch mistreated them and they took it out on Anne. Yeah, that's typical Dutch culture for you alright! The Almighty God sure did put her in the wrong place at the wrong time!

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