Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Like 7th Heaven, this series was one of the few glimpses we got of American religious reasoning. Looking back at it now, it actually doesn't seem that explicitly religious. From Wikipedia: "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman is an American western/drama series created by Beth Sullivan. Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn, played by Jane Seymour, left Boston in search of adventure. She goes to Colorado Springs, Colorado where she establishes herself as doctor / advisor. DQ, MW is a post-Civil War, 19th-century drama." Personally I probably associate it with Evangelicalism because our Evangelical broadcasting company, de Evangelische Omroep, was the one that aired it here. Somehow it did seem to tie in with an idealistic outlook on life so obviously naive that only the Evangelical broadcasting company would dare present it to their audience. There does seem to have been a strong Christian bias in the way human relations were being portrayed by the series, also reinforcing these interactions as absolutely effective. I might even go so far as to say that it presents Dr. Quinn as the hope for the West. The rough and ruthless realities of the West being redeemable if (and only if) Christian ethics, understood in a New England fashion, would be applied properly. Interesting that she is also a Medicine Woman, the healer, one might say, and that she takes upon herself her duty to not only heal but also to redeem and show the "uncultured" the way to happiness through proper behavior and relations. Adds a little bit of martyrdom and missionary zeal to it all, celebrating the good that dare seek out the lost. But enough far fetched over-analysis, let us enjoy the shameless music and acting skills from this also somehow typically 90s series!

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