Saturday, July 2, 2011

Billy Graham

Since whenever I look at which blog entries are most popular Mr. Graham here is never absent from the top 10, I thought I'd honor him with a few words to accompany his marvelous pictures below. The thing is, this man has seen it all. One of the very first radio broadcast microphones was in front of his nose and now the man has a Facebook page. He's been around the block. And he was everywhere! Youth for Christ, he made it happen. A US President needed someone to whisper sweet words in his ear? Graham was his man! Think of this man what you will, you can't deny his central religious and perhaps even cultural presence in the United States. Most known for his wild revival talks perhaps though, in the best of tradition ever since Whitefield through Finney and Sunday. The modern-day face of evangelical Christianity. I especially love that first picture, even though fire isn't coming from his mouth too much on that one. But it's that innocent confidence, that good spirit... that made this country so great! Oh no wait, I'm in another country.

Present-day Graham. Still going strong. Well... still going anyway.

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  1. Oh Billy...Never agreed with most of what you preached, but I am a lover of life, and all it has to offer...I do wish you the VERY best, and hope you recover nicely and live past 100...All my best, Billy! :)