Thursday, July 28, 2011

Circle Square

From what I understand, Circle Square was a Canadian kids show from the 80s, with a heavy emphasis on religion (read: Christianity). It probably was meant to be the religious alternative to the secular Sesame Street. It seems to brilliantly miss the mark in a way that turns that what is meant to appeal to kids into something excessively hyperactive bordering on terror. It is not uncommon to see something that is meant as "the christian alternative" spiral down into a display of horror due to incompetence on behalf of the producers, underestimating what it takes to "get it right", being interested in simply making a christian product. Alternatively though, commercial producers might experience less of a perfectionist pressure due to the target audience being loyal to their "brand" (in this case, Christianity), being willing to purchase anything under the rubric, and at the same time, the competition among producers might be smaller due to the market being less interesting than the secular one. Whatever the reason though, the results are obviously fantastic!

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