Monday, May 9, 2011

Jewish fine art: Nechama Tamara Farber

I don’t know if Jesus Christ is the center of the universe but he definitely seems to be the center of the universe of religious kitsch. Whenever I have a hard time finding inspiration for this blog then indeed yes! I can always count on Jesus! He is the bright and shining star in this universe and surrounding him is a beautiful sphere of Christianity in general with special emphasis on its expressions coming from the United States of America with its rich rich palette of seemingly endless denominations. In its magnificent orbit are two very lonely planets though: Islam and Judaism. Most of the time they seem to be uninhabited planets, yet sometimes, when studied carefully, they appear to sustain life! So it appeared to me when I became acquainted with the work of Nechama Tamara Farber, which definitely put a big smile on my face and perhaps even a bit of a tear in my eye.

 My Son, Let Me Teach You Torah by Nechama Tamara Farber

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