Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Holy Huggables

There is a line of toys formerly called the Holy Huggables, now called the Holy Folks apparently. It includes Jesus, Mozes, Noah (with elephants!) and Mary holding the baby Jesus. The website is under construction but will probably materialize at

Don't they look happy!? Looking for them, I also came across some other plush toys on, one of which I also wanted to include, one of the lion and the lamb.

The product description reads: "An adorable portrait of heavenly peace! [...] Wind-up music box plays, "Jesus Loves Me," and the figure moves with the music."


  1. Holy Huggables made a line called Talking Bible Dolls. I can't get any info on either. I have a Jesus and a Moses Talking Bible Doll, both of which say a lot of scriptures, but I have a Queen Esther who no longer talks. I can see no entry way on her to replace a battery. Does anybody know what I can do to get her to talk again? Looks like I may need to do surgery. :-/

    1. we are about to do surgery on our talking Jesus doll as well ... good luck, surgeon!