Friday, April 6, 2012

Christian Art: Jason Jenicke

Sometimes I see them. These mothers. They have a baby and for some reason they believe that this is a unique and remarkable achievement. That this little creature - oh isn't he just adorable - came out of them. Oh yes folks can you believe that, isn't that something? Isn't that something you never saw happen before? No it happens all the time. Yet these self-content mothers have this arrogant glow about them like they just performed a miracle and the world owes them a favor or at least all the respect it can conjure up. These hell-creatures usually pop up in front of you in bike traffic, in a quiet coffee place or next to you on the train, where they will loudly proclaim their love for their baby at the slightest hint of this baby crying. At a much higher volume than this baby crying too. Horrible terrible creatures with an overestimation complex, if such a thing exists.

It is exactly this narcissist glow that the artist Jason Jenicke in my opinion nailed in his depictions of Mary, mother of Jesus. I don't care if your son is the Son of God though, the gloating still annoys the hell outta me!


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