Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ethereal Art: Maria Roeder Snedecor

So as a kid I went to a Montessori school. Why? Because of parental cultural economy really. Every parent wants to think their kid is special. Not only that, but more special than the kid of others. In fact their kid is so super special that a normal education system just wouldn't work on him, oh no, not on their special little boy. It would in fact corrupt all his special talents. So that's why they put their kids on schools with alternative and more experimental teaching methods like Montessori or Dalton or whatever schools. Of course these schools were terrible, focusing on creativity and social skills leaving you unprepared for a hard and economic real world out there.

Okay it wasn't that bad perhaps. What was that bad then you ask? Anthroposophical educational systems. They really were that bad. Based on a philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, discouraging all that reeked of color because that might upset the tender souls of these poor sensitive children. Oh so sensitive they were, sensitive to the whisperings of mother Earth! Doesn't that make these kids super special? Us Montessorians had it tough but the Anthroposophy kids, they were just lost. Born dead. I have my doubts about the claim of Richard Dawkins that all religion is child abuse, but in the case of Anthroposophy I do tend to agree.

Art like that of Maria Roeder Snedecor sort of reminds me of this. Trying to say a lot but not really being able to say anything at all. Something that is meant to look deep but really expresses some non-descript feeling in an all-too shallow manner. What perhaps was intended to be sensitive and subtle seems to me more like cheap sentiment. And of course with not much of a palette.



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