Saturday, February 4, 2012

Charles Grandison Finney

There is something about 19th century America. It was such a strange time of change, suffering, innovation and progress. From the abolition of slavery to the invention of photography and from civil war to Jospeh Smith's Mormon religion. It was a very strange time indeed. One figure of note was Charles Grandison Finney. Big on the revivals in the century, characterized by intense displays of emotion, this charismatic man was said to be quite the theatrical preacher. I can only imagine him standing at the altar there screaming, foaming at the mouth, warning us sinners for the wrath of an angry God. What is that you see flying from his lips? Spit you say? Nay, flames! I'd give to see this master at work alright. I think this picture might accurately capture both the spirit of the time and the spirit of this man.

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