Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jesus was a...

What I think is interesting is that Jesus seems to have been a lot of things. I've read things like Jesus was a vegetarian, Jesus was gay, Jesus was a woman, etc. Jesus seems to have been a lot of things, but above anything he seems to have been and still is a favorite political tool. It also calls into question if anyone is able to say anything with certainty about this figure on a more theological level, since the judgments that are given in all sincerity not only differ but also occasionally seem to contradict each other radically. In contrast, I also tend to laugh when yet another study is being published about "who Jesus really was". I think we will really see those types of studies as long as the figure is of any interest to a large enough group to make the sales fly. For the moment it seems he can be anything and everything. I'll include a snapshot of some of the prime results you get when you enter "Jesus was a" on Google to better illustrate all of this.

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