Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jehovah's Witness paradise


  1. These pics are beautiful! That would be wonderful!

  2. in the second picture the depiction of a modern day middle easterner is very rare in jw literature. the only middle easterners portrayed are from biblical times with a european portrayal and not middle eastern portrayal. it is true that in some parts of the muslim middle east that the dress of muslim, jew, and christian can be the same. what is also rare is the fact jw's are hardly know in the middle east where islam predominates. there is so much work that needs to be done there that it would take decades before the kingdom news is declared there. in some of these countries where there are a handful of jw's they only witness to the non muslim population for fear of their safety. yet the scriptures say that this good news must be preached to all the inhabited earth in math 24:14. one could only wonder if jw's would be more inclusive and more representative of middle easterners in their artwork and literature how much further along would they be in preaching to islamic lands. some things are know for sure... no one knows the hour, a cry of peace and security and then destruction, and that the good news must be declared to all the nations. this does not exclude the muslim middle east. the fact remains jw's will have to shift their message and portrayals to be more encompassing of middle easterners without being offensive to those of islam. more modern day middle easterners should be depicted in the artwork... the stereotype that all people who dress in the middle east are all muslim is incorrect. so kudos to jw's for having that one middle easterner in paradise. but decades of work need to be done in those countries to fulfill prophecy. the truth is is that the work of jw's is still unknown there and it will take time for the message to be declared there.